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Things to apply to - a sketch book competition

The Sketchbook Project: Library

posted: 9/15/09

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Art House Co-op Gallery building world's first permanent library of sketchbooks
Atlanta, GA, Sept 2009- Atlanta's Art House Co-op has opened a call for entries for the Sketchbook Project, Library edition. Participants are asked to donate their finished sketchbooks to the project, which will be exhibited in galleries and then reside in a permanent collection where library patrons can browse by theme, media, or location. Confirmed exhibition dates include Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago and St. Louis.
Each sketchbook will be barcoded and cataloged, enabling visitors to the exhibitions to receive a library card with which they can check out books to browse and peruse while at the shows.
Participants will receive a 5.25 in. x 8.25 in. Moleskine(R) sketchbook to fill in and return to the gallery, where it will become part of a collective exhibition along with thousands of other artists. The Sketchbook Project is open to anyone and you can sign up at Art House Co-op's website,, where artists can create profiles, share portfolio images, and interact with each other, essentially forming a social networking site, as well as a collective of artists from various nationalities, ideologies, styles, and artistic backgrounds.
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