Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Images of work we saw at the Walker from our tour

Kazuo Shiraga
oil on canvas
  Image taken from the Walker Web Site:
Chuck Close
oil on canvas

Third Eye Vision
Chris Ofili
acrylic, collage, glitter, resin, map pins, elephant dung on canvas

Here are just a few images from our tour.  I thought I might save you guys some time and see if I can pull a few for you so you can just think about the writing.

 Delfo (Delphi)
Giulio Paolini
photographic screenprint on canvas

Fountain (after Marcel Duchamp: A.P.)
Sherrie Levine

set elements for Walkaround Time
Jasper Johns
plastic, paint  

Shoestring Potatoes Spilling from a Bag
Claes Oldenburg
canvas, kapok, glue, acrylic

Buste de Diego (Bust of Diego)
Alberto Giacometti
circa 1954

Black Curve
Ellsworth Kelly
oil on canvas


Suaire de Mondo Cane (Mondo Cane Shroud)
Yves Klein
pigment, synthetic resin on gauze

BLOG:  Art and the range of perspectives:  (last uber blog entry)

1 • Find a piece that has strong FORMAL qualities:  Line, color, shape, texture etc.  Choose one of these qualities that this work screams out and tell me (in a few sentences) why this work’s formal qualities are its greatest strength.  Give me your reaction – positive or negative (and be persuasive). Does its form carry over the piece?  Is beauty enough?

2 • Find a piece that’s content is its strongest quality – perhaps stronger than the actual physical piece itself. Tell me about a paragraph about the work and then give me your reaction – positive or negative (and be persuasive).  Does its content carry over the piece?  Is thought enough?

3• Find a piece that lacks both formal and content qualities to you and why.  Why is this work just such a let down to you?

4• Find a piece that carries both the formal and content qualities that you desire in a work and tell me why.

5.  FINALLY - -Chose a Piece that by seeing this work – perhaps changed your view of what art is.  It changed your perspective, taught you something new, or made you re-think what art can be.  Even better – a piece of art that made you so itchy to make work - you couldn’t hold still.  Something that inspired you to do something new.

Red Yellow Blue III
Ellsworth Kelly
oil on canvas

Isamu Noguchi

Tre ragazze alla balconata (Three Girls on a Balcony)
Michelangelo Pistoletto
oil, graphite on tissue paper mounted to mirror-polished stainless steel

Hippopotamus from Technological Reliquaries
Paul Thek
beeswax, plexiglass, metal, rubbe

Concetto Spaziale - Attesa (Spatial Concept - Expectation)
Lucio Fontana
tempera on canvas, lacquered wood

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